How Third Heaven Healing Emerged

The Developmental Process

The Third Heaven Healing process was developed over many years, after studying the most popular inner healing systems and attending many schools.  But the most important progress was made over the last few years.  Sharon Adams received a prophetic inspiration that changed our goals and our destiny.


Sharon was asked, "What is your dream?"  She replied without hesitation, "To develop the next generation of inner healing ministry."  Thus, a dream was born, and a destiny was cemented in our hearts.  Then, we simply waited upon the Lord and prayed for His will and leadership.  As time went by we saw many new and unexpected ways of doing ministry and seeing more and more Third Heaven Encounters.  We became inspired by the changes that God was making, and began to look for more and deeper encounters with His presence.


Now, we are learning new ways of interacting with God in the healing ministry every month.  We are constantly on the alert as He leads us into new revelation.  An, with His new revelation comes new success in seeing people whole and restored through His presence and healing touch.