Kevin's Story - Third Heaven Restoration

After 23 years of ordained ministry and many years of giving as a pastor , I desperately needed to receive. Mike Adams at Third Heaven Healing has administered the presence of God as medicine to my soul in a rebuilding season of life. Mike did not leave me "living in the tombs" among the dead. Yes, The thief had come to steal, kill, and destroy beating me and leaving me almost dead. When the religious "priest and Levite" passed by and left me dying on the roadside, Mike did not. He is a Good Samaritan. He does not reject, neglect, or walk by. He believes in God and believes in you.

 If you know deep down your life, your marriage, your family, your job, or your walk with God is spinning out of control,  I cannot encourage you enough to contact Mike and Sharon when you need confidential and safe spiritual guides to lead you into the presence of God where The Father, by the Son, in the Spirit will get you back on the Way to truth and life.

Maggie's Story - Healing Past Hurts

Third Heaven healing is absolutely life changing! As Mr Mike & Mrs Sharon help to facilitate the healing journey, Holy Spirit is ministering & radically transforming the deepest, most hidden hurts within. 

Third Heaven Healing has helped me to tear down the walls that I have built around my heart over the years and is empowering me to move forward in all that God has purposed me to do with boldness and confidence! 

Thank you Mr Mike & Mrs Sharon for allowing Papa's love to ooze out of you & for carrying the Fatherly & Motherly anointing that the body needs to excel exponentially in this season!! You guys are awesome and you totally ROCK! 

Rebecca's Story- Healing for Trauma

The Third Heaven Healing was life-changing for me. I personally experienced great freedom, healing, and deeper relationship with God. My heart has been renewed and filled with the love of God. The Lord is so gentle in the way he brings issues to light that we have buried over the years. I had been in a very abusive relationship and experienced hurtful trauma. The Lord took my pain in exchange for love. With each session, the Lord blessed me with more of his goodness and healing. 

Mike & Sharon Adams, truly have the heart of Jesus. They want to help everyone be set free from bondage. You won't find safer people to lovingly lead you into the presence of God. The Third Heaven Healing gave me the tools necessary to continue to bless me as I walk in freedom, draw closer to God, & bask in His unconditional love.