SOZO Ministry

Fully Trained

The Third Heaven Healing staff are fully trained in SOZO and capable of performing SOZO ministry in the traditional way, using the same skills as taught in the Bethel model.  Both Mike and Sharon have taken the Basic Training and Advanced Training, along with an internship in 2013 at Bethel SOZO.  However we are not affiliated with Bethel SOZO in any way.

Value of SOZO

We recognize the value of the SOZO model and have used it hundreds of times successfully.  We love SOZO and are more than happy to administer SOZO ministry to anyone who desires that type of ministry.

Third Heaven Healing Model

We prefer the Third Heaven Healing Method of ministry, as we feel it offers the fullness of experience needed for all type of emotional wounds and even the most sever cases.  Especially where strongholds are involved