Kathryn MacMoran


What an amazing blessing to have been a part of Third Heaven Healing with Mike and Sharon Adams! Mike and Sharon presented the Father ‘s heart for our healing in a way that was simple to follow and profound to experience. Calling the spirit man to be in charge while commanding our soul and body to be quiet was tremendously helpful. Speaking a Father and Mother’s blessing over individuals was so healing and I was able to experience the Father’s love for me so powerfully. I loved being able to sit on Father’s lap and give him painful areas the Holy Spirit identified as wounds that needed to be healed. It was sweet and gentle. I left full and equipped to help other clients face pain. 

I highly recommend 3rd Heaven Healing for anyone with areas of hurt or things over which you continue to struggle. If you desire freedom from painful memories or negative experiences for yourself or for others to whom you minister, these inner healing, “tools for the toolbox” will be awesome. The love Mike and Sharon have for people was evident and genuine.  They communicated passionately how loved we are by God.

Papa God desires to see all of us healed and whole. 3rd Heaven Healing is a way to encounter His love more powerfully and fully. Mike and Sharon’s work is a loving expression of the Father and Mother heart of God that brings great healing to the body of Christ. I fully recommend their ministry and their training schools.

Kathryn MacMoran

LPC, Co-Director of Life Transformation Center

The Church at New Bern  

New Bern, NC

Ed Kalnins


I highly recommend Mike and Sharon Adams, Third Heaven Healing Ministry, to anyone who desires to be free from any brokenness or wounds that affect their life, causing unfortunate circumstances that keep them from succeeding in life. 

I have been in full time ministry since 1985 and have known great counseling ministries, but Third Heaven Healing Ministry is the tops.  The counseling and training sessions are vital for the body of Christ to be equipped personally, so we can help and deliver others.

My family and I have had nothing but great results from our times with them that have freed us of hidden things we were not even aware existed.  They are safe and have the Father’s heart, which creates an open environment. God had truly prepared and equipped them for such a time as this. 

You will be refreshed as you meet with them, and thoroughly equipped at their training sessions.  What a blessing they are to the ministries and people who use their services. 

Ed Kalnins, 

Founder and Director

Voice of Hope Ministry

Greensboro, NC

Paul Metcalf


I first met Mike and Sharon Adams in October of 2011. They were leading a Pastor's conference in Managua, Nicaragua. While on the flight down, I was told without any details that they had gone through a tremendous tragedy, I believe in May of that same year. When we finally met up with the team at the airport, my first impression of Mike and Sharon were a couple that were filled with love and life. It wouldn’t be until Friday morning in their session that I had a complete understanding of just what tragedy they had endured. Mike and Sharon had endured the tragic loss of their son, Noah. As they gave the altar call, the response was unbelievable. Person after person kept coming up to receive prayer. Their transparency with these leaders gave them access to the hidden and hurting places in their heart. 

As I watched them minister, I didn’t see a couple that had no hope. I didn’t see a couple who were despondent or blaming one another. I saw firsthand, a couple that not only teach principles from the word of God, but a couple who lived those principles. In just six months they experienced healing and wholeness in a greater way than some people who have endured the same tragedy 10 to 20 years later. 

Mike and Sharon Adams are very special to me and to my family. Their message is not a regurgitation of some other ministry. It is their own message given to them by Father and because of this, they have authority when they minister. It was on this trip with Mike and Sharon that I had my first inner healing session and it was powerful. I looked forward to every moment I get to spend with them. My life has been greatly enriched because of Mike and Sharon Adams. I would encourage anyone to open his or her ministry to Third Heaven Healing. They are genuine, caring, compassionate and confidential in what they hear. They have my highest recommendation!!! 

Paul Metcalf


Kingdom Awakening  

Hayden, Alabama