About Us

30 Years In Ministry

Mike and Sharon Adams have been actively ministering in the inner healing field for more than 30 years.  They have been trained in Elijah House (Basic and Advanced), Theophostic, and Sozo (Basic, Advanced and Internship at Bethel Redding).  They have completed 2 years of the School of Supernatural Ministry and 2 years of New Day School of the Prophetic.  They are constantly learning and adding new skills to their ministry.

Cutting Edge Inner Healing

They founded Third Heaven Healing in 2014 to bring all of their knowledge and skill into one integrated program.  This has evolved into a training program consisting of Foundations of Inner Healing and Advanced Inner Healing.  Many have commented that this is the most comprehensive inner healing training available today.

Bring the Inner Healing School to Your Chruch

Mike and Sharon travel to churches to bring their wisdom and insight by leading conferences and training schools.  Their "tag-team" speaking style is both interesting and delightful.

They are still active in personal ministry session and appointments can be easily made by phone, text or email.